Monday, February 1, 2010

Wordly Advice - Motivation Monday


I have been trawling back through the blog I kept while I was training for the half marathon I did in 2008 - trying to find all the things I wrote down to help keep me motivated.

I would like to try and post some of this on a weekly basis - but there is a catch - I would also love love love to hear about what other people are doing to help them stay motivated - whether that is some inspiring words or some great pictures.

The general gist is that you leave your name and link below and then post about your motivation on your own blog - with a link back to this post - that way there is a central place for motivation - Motivation Central.

This week I would love to post  about something the a very knowlegeable running coach I know once posted on his blog.

Have a long term view, and have a plan and stick to it – realise you cannot do everything, so work towards only one goal at a time. That means that you must decide in advance what your running goals and priorities are, which is why discussion with a coach and on-going feedback is important.

This is something I need to remind myself of often when I am working towards a goal. Strong Focus. Small steps. Sticking to the long term plan. and Celebrating achievements – all of these things have gotten people to great places

Ease into any new program or goal slowly, and allow for your body and your psyche to adapt to the new routines and programs.

Look back on your progress each week and congratulate yourself for even the smallest achievements – and make sure that you give yourself credit for those small achievements. And if you think just getting out of bed on a cold morning is not an achievement in itself – then you are dreaming because that is probably the biggest achievement.

At the same time as celebrating the small achievements – don’t over analyse your training and look for areas where you might improve marginally – because that is where negative self talk and criticism start to creep in and eat away at your good work. The old adage that goes – If it’s not broken don’t fix it applies to lots of different areas of life.

I really hope that you can join me in getting motivated on a Monday!

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