Monday, March 14, 2011

A fresh look..

I thought that it was high time for a fresh look to the blog - as I think that I will begin to start posting more regularly here again as I move back into a regular fitness program.

I am coming up for 35 weeks pregnant right now and to be honest I could do with it being all done any time now. I know that there are harder times ahead with learning about balancing a new baby into our current routines and the challenges that feeding etc can bring but I am totally sick of being in some degree of discomfort 90% of the time.

The only time I am not uncomfortable is first thing when I wake up. The rest of the time it goes between the uncomfortableness of baby movements, rib pain from an expanding uterus, lower back pain from the extra weight out front or just general tiredness.

I finished work this past Friday and so I might get some relief this week in the days that Harris goes to childcare.

I think part of the problem is my inability to do any type of physical activity while I am pregnant. I did start doing yoga a few weeks back - and I am still going - but it leaves me entirely exhausted and shattered the next day. Mentally this is very challenging because I feel like it is wrong that I feel like that after doing such a passive exercise - but that's the thing - it is not passive at all. Yoga is not like I have experienced it in the past in a gym based class, it is intensely strong and challenging. I have sore muscles the next day like I have done a weights session. It is challenging to stretch so deeply into muscles and know that you are doing them good.
I really want to explore my relationship with yoga further because I find it so therapeutic and I can see how it will be so entirely complementary to a more aerobic exercise program. However, I know that this may be something that I have to ease into over time.

I think that I enjoy the yoga philosophy equally as much as I do the physical side of it. There seems to be so much to learn and take in. So many lessons that cross over into every day life that are pertinent and meaningful. I think that it will play a very big role in  helping me to overcome my anxiety issues.

I must admit that I haven't been all that 'good' with my approach to nutrition and general healthiness in the past weeks. I have most definitely been medicating with food and with the amount of ice cream and lollies and coke that has been passing my lips I am totally surprised that I haven't stacked on the kilos. I am hoping that with the stress of work now gone I can begin to direct some of my focus back towards being conscious of making good choices - because I know how much better I feel within myself when I do.

I think it is time to start re-introducing some positive self talk about food and beginning to 'check in with myself' daily - more than once - to see how I am going.

I might try and write about some of that here...

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