Monday, May 9, 2011

Things I've bought on impulse...

A few weeks ago I discovered these Pixelmoda watches via a parenting magazine (of all the places!) and being in a mental state that was open to all things claiming to be wellness enhancing - I bought one. Well actually I bought two - for $20 US each I figured why not - especially given the exchange rate and the free postage.

The claim is that the design of these Pixelmoda watches incorporates Tourmaline, a powerful ionic mineral that boosts relaxation, vitality and mood.

Well I don't know about that claim - but mine arrived in the post yesterday and while I am not all that sure about my colour choices - (I may be a little colour adverse) They are a pretty nifty little watch.  Especially for a mum of a wee babe.

I stopped wearing a watch when H boy was born because all it did was scratch him when I  was feeding him. These however are made of silicone and have no sharp edges and so are just perfect. They also are super tough and so when H boy decides to grab me by the watch strap - I'm not really worried about breakage.

Handy, cute and colourful - I'm really happy with this impulse buy!

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