Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thoughts for the weekend...

A few years ago when I was seeing a psychologist to work though a few issues something that we worked on a little bit was seeing that the world was bigger than just me - in other words that everything I experienced in my life wasn't just all about me.
To recognize that when I interacted with other people that they had things going on in their life as well. For all I knew they could be going home each night and dealing with delinquent children, or sick parents or having relationship problems. I know from experience that it can be very difficult to switch off from these kinds of problems say in a work environment - and that it can be very easy to let yourself think that it is because of something you have done that another person is acting the way they are - when in fact you are probably the furtherest from their minds.

I subscribe to a daily email from Tiny Buddah and while I don't read it every day when I do it is always relevant to something and encourages me to have some degree of mindfulness. Today I opened the email to read this:

“When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.” -Miguel Ruiz
This was followed by a discussion of the very thin I am talking about above  - something that for me it is always good to remind myself of. If someone doesn't reply to an email straight away it doesn't necessarily mean you have offended them - it might just mean they are a  bit busy - or that the email went astray - as happened to me this week.

In other words - I have to remember to be kind to myself - as I think many of us do!
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