Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fuzzy fuzzy

Oh I have a fuzzy fuzzy head and have had all day!

I am actually going much better than I expected I would. I have stuck to the plan so far and added in a slice of Spelt bread (homemade!!) lightly spread with Cashew butter after lunch.

One of my biggest problems is waiting too long to eat and as a result letting myself get overhungry. Then I have trouble concentrating and want to eat to take away the feeling.

Considering that the goal here is to keep the blood sugar level nice and even - it kind of defeats the purpose if I go and wait too long to eat.

The only other thing that is annoying me right now is needing to go to the loo every 5 minutes - but I know from experience that I will get over that.

I was utterly amazed at how satisfied I was from eating a small handful of mixed raw nuts at morning tea!

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  1. I know the fuzzies well Andrea, but I do believe they pass after a day or two...

    I can't wait to start my 21 days.

  2. How's the detox going Andrea? Still going? Hope you are well :)