Monday, October 18, 2010

Some New Loot!

So I was pedaling away on the recumbent bike today (yes - you did read correctly - all I can use right now is the recumbent bike!) Thinking about a few things - I seemed to be having quite alot of random thoughts popping into my head this morning. I was thinking about the fact that I am not supposed to let my resting Heart Rate get over 140BPM for the next 6 months, thinking about goals and life priorities, mostly goals to do with work. Then my mind drifted back to  a conversation I had with a friend at the gym the previous week about Heart Rate Monitors.

It has been a while since I used my HRM as the battery in the watch died and I hadn't been bothered to send it away to get it sorted out. I figured that while I was pregnant last time I wasn't doing enough exercise to need it and then the year I was on mat leave, I was too poor to afford a new one (and I wanted a new one).
Then when my hip started playing up and I gave up on high intensity exercise all together I forgot about it.

Today, sitting there on that bike it popped into my head that I should just go and buy one today. Then it is done, I will have one that works and I will be able to monitor my 140bpm limit whether I am out for a walk or at the gym.

So it seems Polar have changed a little since I was last looking and I didn't really know what I was looking at or wanting - but I knew how much I wanted to spend and I knew that last time I was looking at one of the running specific models. So this is what I got:

The RS300X - minus the foot pod. I can buy that separately later if I want to. In all honesty - I have no idea what features it has so I have to go now and have a bit of a play! I also got a couple of Lorna Jane singlets to wear to the gym as I was a little short on gym shirts!

I really should be on a spending ban!

Not much else to report other than that I had a nice session at the gym this morning. The recumbent bike thing is to do with limiting the aggravation to my SI Joint, but it doesn't seem to matter because I am able to get my heart rate up to 140 and keep it steady quite easily on the recumbent bike. After that I did a mini strength work out of a bit of legs and a bit of back. Afterward I felt motivated and awake and much better that I did before I started today. Harris seems to have settled back into the creche at the gym which means I can relax a little more. It is good motivation to try and go more frequently because I don't want to have to go through that again.

Right - I have to go and set up my new toy!

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