Thursday, December 2, 2010

Avoiding Recycling

No- I haven't renegged on my deal with the planet! I have just found a way to avoid needing to recycle at all- well at least on one thing I consume almost daily.

Have you seen these starting to pop uparound the place at all?

I have been meaning to get one for a while but for some reason I never got around to going on the website and ordering one. But my coffee shop at work just got a stock of these in to sell as their reusable coffee cup. You see - most takeaway coffee cups that you get from gloriajeans/Starbucks/wherever you buy your poison are NOT recycleable. I think that it is something to do with the coating they puton the cups to stop them from disintegrating with the hot drink.

I have to say that one of the things that was stopping me was that I am a bit picky about the 'mouthfeel' of a cup. The way that the drinking part feels when you bring it to your lips to drink.

I have to say that I  have been pleasantly surprised on the whole with the quality of this product. It looks and feels exactly like a takeaway cup. The plastic is a hard mould plastic and so there is no 'give' in the cup as you hold it. It is really high quality. It also washes beautifully, which was something I didn't really like about the 'thermos' style reusable coffee cups - I never seemed to be able to get them totally clean.
I am really impressed - so much so that I think I will give one to family members as a christmas present!

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  1. Great review Andj, I have seen these around, but was worried about the same points you mentioned. Especially the cleaning. I don't like dirty cups... Might have to investigate one :)