Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thinking about food

This past couple of week has seen me thinking a lot about food - in a number of different ways.

The first is about Harris and his food intake. I wouldn't call him fussy but there are some things he just won't eat - like Quiche for example. We don't make a big fuss about it - we usually just let him eat what he wants to eat from his plate and then give him some yoghurt after dinner to make sure his tummy is full.
He has had sensitive skin forever but now it appears that he might be getting excema as he has that telltale redness in his elbows and behind his knees. But I don't know if it is down to just his dry skin or what he is eating.

I do try to keep an eye on the number of additives and preservatives that we as a family eat but I am not by any means pedantic about it.

However I met another little boy who had a similar rash and discovered that he is allergic to food colorings and preservatives - makes me think I should be more pedantic.

The only way to police it really is to make everything we consume myself - which isn't that hard in reality. It is just about reducing the amount of processed and packaged foods in our lives.

I too have been having issues - something that I am not sure whether it is related to a food sensitivity that is a result of hormonal changes due to pregnancy or simply related to me eating too much and there being not as much space as there once was. The bottom line is that I am sick of feeling bloated and distended at the end of every day and I need to do something about it!

This coming week I am going to try my hardest to eliminate a few things and try and determine what it is that is causing me to feel like crap.
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  1. I'm like you Ange, I keep an eye on the preservatives and additives that we consume as well. Most of the food Ava eats is made by me and if she does have the emergency "pre-made" kiddie food, its a Raffertys Organic one. Geez I know kids of her age that have already been given lollies and chips!